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Mindmapping mit dem MindMeister!


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Thomas Thornton berichtet ...

Mind mapping in the classroom using Apple iPad

Lessons learned from mind mapping in a classroom environment:

As the designated sales guy at MindMeister, I got the chance to learn by a hands-on experience how 12-years-olds respond to web based mind mapping in a classroom environment.

I had a very interesting conversation with the Dean of a high school in the southern part of Austria.

The school’s teachers put a lot of effort into evaluating the right teaching tools and apps for enhancing the learning experience. It was no accident that the Austrian Ministry of Education funded the equipment for one of their iPad classes.

The school’s principal Hannes Thomas is a long-time mind mapper himself. He showed me one of his own mind maps which is used for planning purposes. Nevertheless he was skeptical that 12-year-olds would also benefit from using a mind mapping tool.

Since Hannes was already familiar with MindjetTM and MindManager I showed him our collaboration process on a shopping list for the MindMeister office ...


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